Teresa Carol – Intuitive Counselor since 1985

Teresa Carol in Gig Harbor

Are you looking for an intuitive counselor? A psychic medium? A teacher of Metaphysics? Someone to help you with your psychic and spiritual development?

Teresa Carol – Helping individuals help themselves through intuitive insights. ¬†Author of “All Spooked Up”.

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3 thoughts on “Teresa Carol – Intuitive Counselor since 1985

  1. Dear Teresa: Dorothy Lynn Donovan is my sister. My family and I miss her enormously since she passed over in early August. She was a gifted Intuitive Counselor who genuinely worked to develop her own spirituality on a daily basis and always sought to help others in an exceptionally generous and loving manner. One of my other sisters found your tribute to her on your website. I am writing you to thank you for remembering our beloved sister, Dolly on your webpage. Thank you.

    Warm Regards,
    Rosalie Walsh

    • Dearest Rosalie and sisters,
      I meet Dolly 33 years ago at the Psychic Energy Center in Tacoma, Washington. She was delightful and inspiring and helped me through my spiritual emergence at a time when many were frightened by the gifts and few had the experience and understanding. Her gracious encouragement and support helped me through accepting my gift and choosing to be a full time psychic. Dolly and I have attended events and stayed friends over the years. She continues to be a bright light and many of her friends, students and clients speak fondly of her. She had an empowering and nurturing impact on every one she meet. Thank you for reaching out to me, she lovingly mentioned her sisters from time to time. It gives me great joy to know that her family loved and respected her as dearly as her friends and public. Sincerely Teresa

    • I just found and posted a photo of Dolly and I having lunch with Elva Mae in 2013. We all worked at the Psychic Energy Center, which was later known as the Metamorphosis Center back in the late 1980s.

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